Wednesday, August 3, 2011

T-Minus One Month & Counting

So. Here I am, thinking about what I will be doing one month from now... All my friends will be back in school, and I, will be in another country. I never pictured myself being an Exchange Student, yet here I am... Its exciting; the anticipation is growing everyday, as I ready myself for the year to come. I've continued to work on my German all summer, and I have been talking to my host family via chat/email.
My itinerary:
I leave Thursday, September 1st from Logan Airport in Boston at 6:50pm, for my 7.5 hr flight to Paris, France. I should arrive there at 7:55am (their time), and then I have a 5 hr layover, until my flight to Cologne, where I should arrive at 2:35pm on Sept. 2nd. (8:35am NH time).

My host family has 4 kids: twins who are 11, and two daughters, 15 & 16; Leonie (the 15 year old) is also going to be an Exchange Student this year, in Argintina. She is, ironically, leaving the same day I am arriving. But at different airports : (

For the first month of my Exchange I will be attending a Language Camp, that all the Inbounds have to go to, which is right in the city.

As for right now, I eagerly wait for the next 4 weeks to pass.

The 2011 Outbounds with the 2010 Rebounds
at the Paul Harris Memorial Building
for the Rebound Meeting on July 31, 2011.